Do you Want to Download Aranock Online APK for Android? Get Aranock Online APK (OBB + Data) with Direct Download Links (221 MB). Play Aranock Online on Android easily with 100% Working Step-by-Step Method given on OGamesAndroid website. So, Let’s begin with the process.
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Aranock Online Summary

A free massively multiplayer online role playing game based on Mercenaries of Astonia by Daniel Brockhaus. Aranock Online has seen a significant amount of development over the years and still entertains a loyal few to this day. While increasingly showing its age, now more than ever it provides a refreshing take on the MMO genre and offers a unique gaming experience.

Aranock Online is a Remarkable Windows based game which is now available on Android. We will tell you step-by-step process on How to Download this game on your Android Smartphone.

Aranock Online is an Role-playing (RPG) based game released on Jan 07, 2016. It got launched on Windows 10, 8, 7 platforms. It is a Bird view / Isometric game with Multiplayer, Co-operative, Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) as Game Modes. The recent update of game went live on Mar 31, 2019. With Average voting by 2594 users, this game got Average score of 87 out of 100.

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Overall Ratings of the game is 89 out of 100 which are voted by more then 2778 players. The game has more then 20864 followers. The game have won 7 Awards and 12 Nominations. The main theme of this game is Fantasy. It is available in Danish, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Romanian, Greek, Bulgarian languages.

How to Play Aranock Online on Android?

You must be wondering if we can Play PC, Playstation and Xbox games like Aranock Online on Android or not. And the answer is – Absolutely YES!

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Playing PC, PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox one, 360 or Xbox Series X Game on Android is Possible now a days. All you need to do is Install Android emulator, Cloud Gaming Servers and play Aranock Online Game. Simple as that!

To Play a PC Game like Aranock Online, You would need a Cloud Gaming Server. We will discuss about them now.

How to Download and Play Aranock Online using Cloud Gaming?

Now a Days, PC Games can be easily played using Cloud Gaming Servers. These Servers have large Computer Datacenters where your all games are saved. Remote Desktop Connection (RDP) Client is used to play such games on your smartphone.

In Cloud Gaming, You don’t even need to Download Aranock Online Game on your Android Phone. It doesnt even need Phone storage or higher RAM.

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You can Play Aranock Online Game Remotely and even on a Slow Internet connection. The only Disadvantage of Cloud Gaming is that You can’t play games Offline. So, You must have an Active Internet Connection first.

Also, We provide Hundreds of Daily Cloud Gaming Servers for free to our users. Every user can have their own Gaming server for free here.

Enough Talking, Now Im going to teach How to Play Aranock Online Game using Cloud Gaming. Follow these Steps:

STEP 1: First Download RDP Client from Play Store.

STEP 2: Go here and Get your Own Cloud Gaming Server for Free.

STEP 3: Enter the IP Address / Host name, Username & Password. (Updated Daily at 03:30:00 GMT)

STEP 4: Connect to the RDP Server.

STEP 5: You will now see a Computer Screen on your Phone.

choose game

STEP 6: Open Aranock Online Game from Desktop by moving cursor and tap. (See Example Screenshot)

start game

STEP 7: Aranock Online will now start. Enjoy!

The list of IP Addresses and Login details we provide are updated on daily basis. The first thing you have to do to secure your RDP is to change its password immediately.

[cloud]Aranock Online[/cloud]

To Change Password of RDP, Follow these steps:

  1. Open Virtual Keyboard and Press CTRL + ALT + END.ctrl alt delete
  2. Tap on Change Password.change password
  3. Now Enter the Current and New password
  4. Press Change button and proceed.
  5. Congrats! The password is now changed.

It is very Important to change RDP password ASAP. If anyone else changes it then you won’t have any chance of owning that particular Cloud Gaming Server.

How to Download and Play Aranock Online using PPSSPP?

The PPSSPP Emulator is very popular PSP Emulator. It is used to Play Playstation games on your Android Smartphone. Follow these steps to Play Aranock Online game using PPSSPP:

  1. First Download Aranock Online PSP ROM from below.
  2. Download the ROM and save into your Local Storage / SD Card.
  3. Extract all ROM files using RAR.
  4. Now Download PPSSPP Gold Emulator from here and Install ppsspp
  5. Open PPSSPP Emulator and Go to Game directory.browse ppsspp
  6. Select Aranock Online Game and Open it. (Below Screenshot is Example)open game ppsspp
  7. The game will now Start. Enjoy!
[ppsspp]Aranock Online[/ppsspp]

PPSSPP have Gold version available too. This allows you to have Premium Access, Better graphics, Great sound system and many more features. The Free version of PPSSPP is available on Play store.

There are many other alternatives to PPSSPP which are ePSXe, SuperPSX Plus etc. You can choose any of them and enjoy PSP Games.

How to Download and Play Aranock Online using DamonPS2 PRO

DamonPS2 is a PS2 Emulator. It comes in 2 versions. First is Free and second is Pro version (Paid). The Free version have almost everything includes ads. The PRO version dont have any Ads, Graphics are HQ and Smooth.

[damonps2]Aranock Online[/damonps2]

Follow these steps to Play Aranock Online game with DamonPS2 Pro app:

  1. First Download Damon PS2 Emulator from damonps2
  2. Install Damon PS2 Pro Emulator.damon ps2 install
  3. Now Download Aranock Online Game ROM from above link.
  4. You can now extract all files using Local Storage.
  5. Open Damon PS2 Emulator and Browse the game.browse damonps2
  6. Open ROM and Play Aranock Online.
Make sure you have the ROM of the game downloaded. You can’t play any game without Original Aranock Online ROM.

Aranock Online Storyline

“Greetings, traveller,” says the old man sitting at the bar as you enter the tavern. He looks worn, and battle-weary – like a man who’s seen a lifetime worth of adventure and fighting. “Have a seat,” he says with a grin, pointing at the empty stool next to him. As you sit down and order your ale, the man begins to talk about the things he’s seen and the places he’s been. You’re regailed by tales of giant lizard-men wielding swords, and hordes of undead swarming the very city in which you now find yourself. The way he tells it, it’s nearly a daily occurrance to see robbers, demons and evil sorcerers invading the city. You laugh at the old man, as his mind is obviously failing from age. He frowns at you, “What’s so funny?” You manage to stop your chuckling long enough to spit out “I mean no offence, sir, but no town could possibly endure the kinds of punishment of which you speak.” The old man smiles at you, and takes another sip of his ale. “Perhaps. But perhaps we’re not just any town, friend.” You cock an eyebrow at the senile old coot. He nods toward one of the patrons in the tavern, a tall, heavily-muscled warrior with battle-scarred armor and a flowing red cape. “We’re the only land in the world that’s still protected by the Seyan’Du.” You’re taken aback for a moment. “Surely you jest!” you scoff, taking a gulp of ale. The old man shakes his head. “I’m quite serious. You’ve not seen a true battle until you’ve witnessed the power of the Seyan’Du.” You shake your head this time, “I can’t listen to anymore tall tales this evening, friend.” The old man shrugs his shoulders. Just as you turn to leave the Inn, you notice a dark red cloud descending over Aranock, and a group of tall, red-winged demons appear as if from thin air right in the middle of the streets. “Gargoyles!” shouts one of the Inn patrons, drawing his sword and running out the door. “My friend,” says the old man as the tall warrior in the red cape produces an enormous two-handed sword and strides out of the Inn. “I think you just might get your chance to see it.” You watch in awe as the different races of the village come together, all swinging swords and shimmering magic. As you stand in stunned silence at the spectacle in the streets, the old man grins and claps you on the shoulder. “Welcome to Aranock.”

Game Details

Name: Aranock Online
Game Genre: Role-playing (RPG)
Awards: 7 Awards and 12 Nominations
Languages: Danish, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Romanian, Greek, Bulgarian
Followed by: 20864 users
Modes Available: Multiplayer, Co-operative, Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO)
Average Ratings: 87 out of 100
Age Ratings: R (Ratings Pending)
Release Date: Jan 07, 2016
Player Perspectives: Bird view / Isometric
Game Engines: Un-known
Platform: Windows 10, 8, 7
Total Ratings: by 56421 players
Average Ratings Count: 2594+
Franchises: Unknown
Updated On: Mar 31, 2019
Total Rating Count: 2778 ratings
Total Ratings: 89 / 100
Genre: Fantasy

3 Game Permissions

A Total of 3 Permissions are Required by Aranock Online Game. Check them out:

  • Allows an application to retrieve state dump information from system services.
  • Allows an application to know what content is playing and control its playback.
  • Allows an application to write the users contacts data.
[end]Aranock Online[/end]

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are some Frequently asked questions for Aranock Online game:

When Aranock Online game was Released by Publishers?

The official Released date of Aranock Online is Jan 07, 2016.

What is the Size of Aranock Online Android APK?

The size of Aranock Online is 221 MB in Total!

How many languages are supported in Aranock Online?

There are more then 7 languages supported namely Danish, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Romanian, Greek, Bulgarian etc.

Which Game modes is supported by Aranock Online ?

Multiplayer, Co-operative, Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) is the current game mode of Aranock Online.

How much followers does Aranock Online currently have?

The current followers count of Aranock Online is more then 20864.

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